#TopTenTuesday: Favorite TV Shows Ever


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful Jamie over at TheĀ Broke & the Bookish.

I love TV. I’ll give almost any show a chance. I keep an excel spreadsheet of all the shows I currently watch & when they air, so I can see if anything overlaps. My DVR is currently at 85+ shows and I’v already binged about 6 shows this summer. I’ve watched way too much TV for a person that doesn’t get paid to do so (I need to find a job that will pay me!). That being said there are some shows that I just love above all others.

Shows That Are Over

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Veronica Mars – My LoVe for this show knows no bounds. I mention this show practically almost every day. I still read fanfic for it. I donated to the kickstarter and saw the movie on opening night. I will always LoVe this show and support it and the cast in anyway I can. It’s just a well written show with an amazing cast and it was part of my life when I was entering college, so I was going through crazy life changes and this show gave me a world to escape to. (Three Seasons + Movie! and 2 books!) GET ON IT PEOPLE!!!!


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.09.59 PMGlee – I know what most people think when this show is mentioned. Yeah it was cheesy at times and they sang a lot, but this show changed my life. It began durning my senior year of college and I was again going through a big life change. The Glee fandom (gLeeks) were an amazing group of people. I made so many friends and continue to talk to some of them to this day. (Six Seasons)


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Six Feet UnderĀ 
– This show is an amazing piece of work. From start to finish this show hit the nail on the head. It has an amazing cast and a wonderful network of storylines. The finale for this show will forever be the best finale ever. (Five Seasons)



Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.20.32 PMThe O.C. – Welcome to the OC Bitch! I think everyone that loved this show will forever remember that line. This show aired during my years at high school and gave us the heart throbs of Adam Brody & Ben McKenzie. I loved that the nerd got the hot girl, it gave me hope that I would find my hot guy. I also enjoyed how real this show was at times and that they tackled some very tough subjects like drugs, sexuality, death, etc. (Four Seasons)


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.21.50 PMOne Tree Hill – This show continued to fuel my infatuation with Chad Michael Murray (Tristan on GG). I love sports, so when I saw that Chad had a starring role in a new show that incorporated basketball, I was in. I love this cast and the dynamics between the characters. This show will forever have the best high school shooting episodes. It was real and gritty and I believe it rang true to what could happen. I didn’t watch the show after Chad and Hilarie left (Season 6), I tried but just couldn’t do it. (Nine Seasons)


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.24.00 PMWeeds – Yes this show is about Weed. Well not entirely, but it does play a major role. It revolves around a family whose matriarch gets into the drug business after her husband dies. They go on some crazy adventures and there are a lot of great guest stars. (Eight Seasons)


Shows Still on TV

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.26.13 PMGilmore Girls – I can’t recommend this show enough and with the upcoming Netflix continuation I suggest binging it. The characters are fabulous and witty. Growing up I looked up to Rory and dreamed of living in a town like Stars Hollow. I wished my charter school was Chilton (we even had a FB group pretending it was) and that there were boys like Tristan there. (Seven Seasons + Netflix Series on 11/25)


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Teen Wolf
– So I started this show a season late (I tried to avoid MTV after the late 90’s), but when I did finally watch it I loved it. The characters are diverse and the stories weave myths and legends with the supernatural. If you like things that go bump in the night, this show is for you. (Five Seasons + One season left airing 11/15


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.29.40 PMQuantico – I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It’s only had one season so far, but it’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more. There’s action, romance, mystery and comedy (at times). My dream job is to work at Quantico in the labs, but this show focuses on field agents. It’s interesting to watch what new recruits have to go through. There’s a big mystery arc throughout the first season. I highly recommend this one. (Season 2 begins 9/25)


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.30.54 PMThe Fosters – This is my guilty pleasure show. I fell in love with this show from the minute I watched it. It’s about a bi-racial lesbian couple who have one biological son, twins (hispanic) they adopted, and a brother/sister duo they became foster parents to. It’s a beautiful show that represents characters not usually found on TV. I love the diversity of this show and all the characters in it. (Four Seasons)


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.56.35 PMBONUS: Supernatural – I couldn’t not include Supernatural in my top ten list. I’ve loved this show from the start and I’m so glad there’s no end in sight. I love the characters of Sam & Dean and all the adventures they go on. This show mixes the supernatural with religion, myths, and pop culture. My favorite episode will forever be the episode in which they make fun of a number of other TV shows with the help of the jokester himself, Loki. Since this show is filmed in Vancouver, BC it’s littered with a number of unknown actors who now have their own shows. It also has one of the best supporting casts in the history of TV. The character development of all the secondary characters are so well thought out. But the best part of this show are how kind Jared and Jensen are to their fans. They go to numerous fan conventions and have even started a campaign (Always Keep Fighting) to raise money for numerous charities. Also this show has an amazing soundtrack. I’m a sucker for shows with good music (The OC, OTH, VMars to name a few others). As a side note I’d like it to be known that the Devil arrived in DELAWARE!!! (Eleven Seasons + New Season Airing 10/13)

So what are some of your favorite shows of all time? Do we share any? Have you seen the shows I’ve mentioned?