August Wrap-Up!


I’ve never done a monthly wrap up before but this month I participated in a few projects and I wanted to highlight them. I also read a few books, but that’s nothing new.

So the first project I was part of was Nori’s Book Blogger Creativity Project (BBCP2016). I was part of the Rose Team and had a wonderful set of ladies as fellow team members. Our team decided to host a bookstagram challenge (#EOSChallenge). We tried to mix up the prompts and come up with a few original ones. I think I was pretty successful at this. I believe I only missed 3 days, which for someone just beginning to bookstagram, is good. Here’s the link to the original post about Team Rose!

Next up my friend Marissa (Growing-Up Booknerd) and I posted the second edition for our monthly feature, Around the World: One Character at a Time. We’ve both had a lot of fun with this and are enjoying placing characters from books we love into places we think they’d fit best in. We hope to continue it every month. If you have any characters you’d like us to feature, let us know.

Just yesterday I was part of a blog tour for Scary Out There, a collection of stories and poems by some of the best horror writers! Jonathan Maberry, who edited the book, was nice enough to give me a top ten list of his favorite horror authors. I love horror stories & I can’t wait to read books from some of these authors and to get my hands on Scary Out There!

As for my personal life I booked a trips to Los Angeles, CA for October, as well as Rome, Italy & Newport, RI for November. I’m planning on seeing the wonderful Kerri Maniscalco in NYC for her book launch! (P.S. I’m on the blog tour for Stalking Jack the Ripper!!! It’s so good & look for that post on 9/14.) I had family from CA, CT, PA, & NJ over to my house for a cookout. Went to a corn hole tournament last weekend. Helped plan a work party for over 200 people (not part of my job description). Helped my friend find wedding invites & bridesmaid dresses (no I’m not in the wedding or going b/c it’s a destination wedding 😔). Oh and another round of #otspsecretsister started! It’s been a busy month for me.

To wrap up the wrap-up, here’s the books I read this month. Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.08.49 PM
The New Guy (and Other Senior Year Distractions) by Amy Spalding: Goodreads|B&N
Jerk bait by Mia Siegert: Goodreads|B&N
All the Feels by Danika Stone: Goodreads|B&N

August Wrap-up graphic by Catia & Freepik

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