Around The World: One Character At A Time


Hi everyone! Marissa and I are back at it again with our feature, Around The World: One Character at a Time! Today we travel to New Jersey, NYC, New York, Paris & Greece!

As a refresher, in these monthly posts we plan to each choose 3 characters from books we love and write about where (cities, states, countries) we think they’d best fit in.We both hope you have fun reading where we think these characters would fit in best!


M: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowel: Cather Avery

In a perfect world Cath and Levi would end up in a big farmhouse somewhere in the middle of nowhere where he could ranch and she could become the famous author we all know she can be. But perfect worlds are no fun and stuff has to happen ~before~ the perfect part catches up. After college Cath needs to head off into the world to get inspiration for her novels and find a badass agent so she can get published. I imagine Cath traveling as much as she can and keeping in touch with Levi as he works on finding his own land to ranch on. So, long story short, I don’t know what city Cath would end up in. I don’t see her “ending up” anywhere because any city that Cath and Levi live in will never be just a city. It’ll be ~the~ city. 



K: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: Peeta Mellark

I love the character of Peeta in The Hunger Games, before District One captures him. Afterwards he is a completely different person and just seems hollow inside. He has an honest and “home-grown” quality. He thinks of helping other above anything. He has a great sense of community. These reasons and others are why I think Peeta would fit best in Tuckahoe, NJ. Tuckahoe is a small town I pass on the way to the shore from my grandfather’s house in NJ. It’s quaint and full of mom and pop shops. Everyone seems to know everyone there and is full of great people who have honest values like Peeta. They even have an amazing cheesecake shop that I know Peeta could work at.

*Note from Marissa: I strongly disagree with this and believe Peeta belongs in Hoboken where he can work with Cake Boss Buddy V. 😉


 greece M: Percy Jackson and The Olympians/The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan: Annabeth Chase + Percy Jackson

NYThis is kind of cheating but you can’t have Annabeth without Percy and you can’t have Percy without Annabeth. They’re soulmates and obviously have to end up in the same city together. I feel like initially Annabeth would want to be somewhere in Greece to study the architecture and Percy would want to live close to his mom and Paul. They would probably settle for a home in New York to be close to Percy’s family and Camp Half-Blood as long as Percy promised to take her to Greece often.


K: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead: Rose

Before I tell you what place I think fits Rose best, I have a confession to make. I saw the movie before I read the book, but I have since read the whole series. I also think I’m in the minority in liking the movie, but anyway on to Rose! I really enjoyed how Zoey portrayed Rose in the movie, but I love book Rose even more. She’s a take no prisoners, kick ass kind of girl who I’d love to be friends with. She’s a wild child, but can be composed if needed. She’s full of secrets and she protects the ones she loves. When I think of Rose I think of New York City, the city that never sleeps. New York City is loud, unpredictable, loyal, sophisticated and original. I think all these qualities fit Rose to a tee.


M: NYMagnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan: Samirah (Sam) al-Abbas

Can Rick Riordan write a character that isn’t just a true native of New York? Apparently not because when I actially think about it most if not all of his characters could end up there and by happy. Like Percy and Annabeth, Sam would probably be best suited to New York. It’s where her family is, and close to an entrance into Valhalla. I feel like once she “retires” (Does one ever retire from Valkyrie-ship??) she will want to settle down somewhere a little more normal and quiet with Amir to raise a family. If there’s one thing Sam wants, it’s to live a normal life. I can see her moving to Hoboken or maybe even to Long Beach to raise her family. Final answer: Long Beach

ParisK: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks: Allie

I hope most people have read this book because I think it’s wonderful. I was called heartless after reading it though, because I didn’t cry at the end. What can I say; I have a black soul. Anyway, I believe that most people that read The Notebook view Allie as a proper, loving, spoiled, and refined young girl. However, she can be stubborn and driven when given the right circumstances. All these qualities make me think immediately of Paris. Paris is known for exquisite taste and being the home to well cultured people. They can be cutting edge and rebellious when it comes to their fashion houses. Parisian designers really resonate Allie. She’s elegant on the outside, but she loves excitement and can be rebellious on the inside.

*Side note: I highly recommend watching Paris Fashion Week (Spring and Fall) versus haute couture.


I hope y’all liked these match ups and if you haven’t read the book, did reading this make you want to? What else would you like to see? Are there any books or characters you’d like to see featured? Leave some feedback in the comments🙂


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