August #Bookstagram Challenge: #BBCP2016 Project

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be part of the Rose Team in Nori‘s #BBCP2016 Project (Book Blogger Creativity Project). For this project we were put in teams of book bloggers to come up with creative projects for the months of July and/or August. My amazing team decided to do a bookstagram challenge since we’ve all seen them but never did one. It was so fun organizing the calendar and creating this challenge. We hope y’all like the topics as much as us. If you do plan to participate please remember to tag your photos with #EOSChallenge and #BBCP2016!

Team Members: Emily, Nori, Victoria & myself!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.05.14 PM

August 1- August TBR What are you going to read this month? August 17- Books and OutfitWhat would you love to pair together?
August 2- Book SunShow off those sunny looking books! August 18- Books You’ve Reread a lotThere’s always that book that you’ve never gotten sick of.
August 3- Bookitcon AuthorFeaturing an author (or authors) that will be at Bookitcon! August 19- Rainbow SpinesCan you make a rainbow using just your book spines?
August 4- Throwback SummerWhat did summer look like for you when you were younger? August 20- Favorite QuotesWhat book quotes hit you the hardest?
August 5- Favorite First LineGotta love a killer first line! August 21- Book and SunsetWhat else would make a sunset prettier?
August 6- Books and Beach/PoolWe all know you bring a book when you are going to cool off along the water. August 22- E-booksShow off that e-book collection! Or just your faves.
August 7- Books and SunglassesGotta keep the sun out of our eyes when we read. August 23- Unpopular OpinionDid you like the movie/show better than the book? No judgement here!
August 8- Book MerchShow off that book swag! August 24- Red, White, and BlueIt’s doesn’t have to be the 4th to show off that Red, White, and Blue!
August 9- Books and SnackWhat’s something you like to eat while you read? August 25- Fairy Tale RetellingsWhat are your favorite retellings?
August 10- Monochrome FilterShow off some of those photography skills using that monochrome filter. August 26- Math and/or ScienceWhat books feature math and science that you just love?
August 11- Childhood FavoriteWhat did you love to read as a child? August 27- What’s Under the Cover?Any surprises under that dust jacket?
August 12- Typical Summer DayWhat does an average summer day look like for you? August 28- School Day ReadsWhat would you be caught reading on a school day?
August 13- My Reading NookWhere do you love to read? August 29- Book BFFWho are the best book BFFs?
August 14- Beautiful Book SpinesShow us those gorgeous book spines! August 30- Summers End BooksFavorite books to read as the summer wraps up?
August 15- Favorite NotebookWhere do you keep all your best notes? August 31- August Wrap-UpWhat did you accomplish this month?
August 16- Minimalist Book CoverGot a favorite cover that feels minimalist?

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