#TopTenTuesday: Books Outside the US!


Today’s Prompt: Ten Books Set Outside The US

So this was a hard list to come by because like Jamie (The Broke and the Bookish), most of the books I read are in the set in the US.



Edge of Wild by Danika Stone:  I LOVED this book so much. It’s set in an isolated town in the mountains of Canada. It’s full of mystery, suspense and a slight romance. Definitely give this book a shot.


Brandenburg gate

Night by Elie Wiesel: I had to read this book in high school, but I’m so glad I did. It was so informative and really helped me to understand what people in internment camps had to go through.



Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins: Currently reading and loving it! It’s been a quick read so far and full of swoony boys and cuteness.

The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown: I love me some Dan Brown books and it was my first trip to the Louvre.



Angels and Demons by Dan Brown: I told you I like Dan Brown. I also love the history and mystery he adds to this book.


Pictures by me!

Harry Potter series by JK Rowling: How could these books not be on my list!

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis: I know most of this book takes place in Narnia, but it starts in London, so I’m using it. I also loved reading this as a child. I think I’m going to have to do a re-read soon.

Peter Pan by JM Barrie: Like the previous book, most of it takes place in Neverland, but it starts out in a lovely house in London. I didn’t read this book til this year and I had mixed feelings about it, but it’s a classic that I’m glad I finally read.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll: Again it starts in London, so I’m counting it. While the book differs from the movies I’m sure most have seen, I absolutely adore this book. I love the odd characters and the adventure Alice goes on while in Wonderland.

Maids of Honor by Jennifer McGowan: This book takes place in Queen Elizabeth’s court. I loved the mystery and secrecy in this book. It’s part of a trilogy and I can’t wait to continue the series!

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco: I love London and I love Jack the Ripper, so when I heard about this book coming out in September I knew I had to have it. I was lucky enough to get an ARC from B&N B-Fest and I quickly devoured this book. The back and forth between Audrey Rose and Thomas is one of my favorite aspects of the book. It can be a little graphic and grim, but I highly recommend this book.

Well, somehow I came up with ten books. As you can see I love London and books that are located there. Thanks Jamie for hosting this fun Top Ten Tuesday topic!

3 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: Books Outside the US!

  1. When you see all the books that take place in London… OHH I have a copy of Stalking Jack the Ripper and if what you say is true, I can tell it’s going to be a promising read!!

    Alex @ The Book’s Buzz


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