Two for the Show: Blitz Tour

Today’s blitz tour features “Two for the Show” by Jonathan Stone!


About: Chas is a detective who doesn’t stake out cheating husbands, track down missing persons, or match wits with femmes fatales. Instead of pounding the pavement, he taps a computer keyboard. He can get the goods on anyone, and it’s all to make sure superstar Las Vegas mind reader Wallace the Amazing staysamazing. Thanks to Chas’s steady stream of stealthy intel, Wallace’s mental “magic” packs houses every night.

But when someone threatens to call the psychic showman’s bluff, the sweet gig takes a sour—and sinister—turn. Who’s the clean-cut couple gunning for Wallace with an arsenal of dirty tricks? Why does Wallace keep upping the ante instead of backing down? And just how much does Chas really know about his mysterious boss’s life…or his own? The tangled truth—of blackmail, kidnapping, and false identities—quickly becomes the biggest case of his strange, secret career.

–“The surprise-filled plot shifts rapidly between illusion and reality, keeping the reader constantly—and entertainingly—off-balance.” – Publisher’s Weekly

An excerpt from TWO FOR THE SHOW

It’s the strangest job you’ve ever heard of.

Stranger still, it’s mine.

I’ve been doing it over twenty years. Which makes it a career, I guess.

Technically, I’m a detective. A private investigator.

But not the kind you’re thinking of. One client. Ongoing investigation. ­ The case never closes. ­ The job never ends.

I’m in the entertainment business. But not in the way you’re used to thinking.

I work for a mentalist.


We are partners in the truest sense—each unable to proceed or succeed without the other. And despite his fame and my anonymity, we hold enormous power over each other. He is nothing without me. I am nothing without him. We are each other’s secret. Each other’s best friend, each other’s lurking nightmare. A secret shared with no one else. We are brothers who never share a story or a beer, but who are nevertheless everything to one another.

Secrecy, silence, discretion—they’re obviously a way of life for me. For twenty years now, I’ve known nothing else. I’m a professional ghost. And because I have not decided, as I write this, exactly what I will be doing with this document, what its ultimate use will be—and in light of a professional habit of protective silence and secrecy and shadow that I am already, somewhat uncomfortably jeopardizing here—I’ll refer to my employer, for the moment anyway, for the purposes of this record, as … oh, I don’t know, let’s call him Wallace the Amazing.

                                                       About the author

johnJonathan Stone does most of his writing on the commuter train between the Connecticut suburbs and Manhattan, where he is a creative director at a midtown advertising agency. His five published novels have all been optioned for film.

He has short stories in the two most recent Mystery Writers of America anthologies. “East Meets West,” appears in the collection “Ice Cold – Tales of Intrigue from the Cold War,” (2104) edited by Jeffery Deaver. “Hedge”, appears in the MWA anthology, “The Mystery Box”, edited by Brad Meltzer (2013). His short story “Mailman” will be published in Best American Mystery Stories 2016, edited by Elizabeth George.

A graduate of Yale, Jon is married, with a son and daughter.

From the acclaimed author of Moving Day and the Julian Palmer series comes TWO FOR THE SHOW by Jonathan Stone (Thomas & Mercer; $15.95 Trade Paperback Original; $3.99 Ebook; May 31, 2016): a thrilling story of blackmail, kidnapping, and stolen identities.


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