Book Launch for Mia Siegert

Saturday I went to my first book launch ever! It was for the very talented and extremely nice Mia Siegert and her recently released book, JERKBAIT! I drove from Wilmington, DE to Princeton, NJ (about 1.5hrs) and I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. When I arrived, I was a little early, so I grabbed my reserved copy from B&N and found a seat. I sat there for a bit just taking it all in. While waiting I also met Mia’s neighbor Elizabeth. She was so sweet. Mia also had a lot of family and friends there for support.

Mia started the event by first introducing Anna Aagenes from You Can Play. You Can Play is a wonderful organization that supports LGBTQ athletes of any age. Anna spoke about the organization and how it was formed and an overview of what they offer & how they support athletes. I went to a HS that was accepting of all kinds of people, but I know friends that struggled as LGBTQ athlete’s and would have really benefited from You Can Play. Go check them out!

After Anna, Mia told us a little about the book and how You Can Play ties in to Jerkbait. She then read part of the first chapter and left us all on a cliffhanger. I loved the “voices” she used for the different characters. She was so passionate while reading.

Next she answered about 7 questions. Through the questions I learned that she wrote the book in about 2.5 weeks and then in a 10 month period, she wrote it from scratch another 6 times! The book also started as an autobiographical novel. She used to have a friend that is the Heather character and she was Tristan. As the book progressed, she said she had a bit of Tristan and Robbie in her and that it was no longer autobiographical. Another fun fact about Mia that I learned is that she was a professional equestrian. She didn’t plan on going to college, but after an she lost her horse, she applied, was accepted, and eventually went on to grad school. I decided I had to ask a question, so I asked why she chose hockey as the sport in the book, since almost every professional sport has LGBTQ athletes that aren’t out. Of course her answer was that she loves hockey (She was wearing a Devils shirt at the event. lol).

After the Q&A, Mia was gracious enough to sign books and take pictures. I forgot to get a picture with her. 😦  On a positive note, she remembered me from talking to her all the time on twitter. She was so sweet. I gave her a card and some goodies. The event ended with Mia raffling off some gift/swag baskets, Jerkbait jerseys, and a Jerkbait mini hockey stick! Sadly I didn’t win, I was really hoping for that hockey stick. lol. It was such a fun day and I have a fabulous time meeting Mia and getting to talk to her.

I hope everyone gives Jerkbait a try and connects with Mia. She’s the nicest and is so easy to talk to.

6 thoughts on “Book Launch for Mia Siegert

  1. I’ve never been to a book signing event before! But it looks like you’ve had a lot of fun. Glad you had a great time. I enjoyed reading your recap post.


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