Winter Jam

So to start getting back in the swing of things, I decided to share my experience from Winter Jam. Winter Jam is a free concert hosted by a local radio station in Philly, radio 104.5. This is my 4th year going. They always have great bands and it’s just a really fun day. This year featured Coleman Hell, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Elle King, and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.


This year I went with my cousins and some of their friends. It was held at Xfinity Live, which is by all the major stadiums in Philly. First up was Coleman Hell and I only knew one of his songs, so I wasn’t sure how I’d like his set. He was pretty good, but definitely my least favorite of all the performers. He tried interacting with the crowd, but it seemed like a lot of people were in the same boat as me and only knew his hit song.


Next up was Nate Rateliff & the Night Sweats, and in my opinion the best of the entire day. Not only was he a great singer, but the band was so entertaining. It was just him and six guys in the band up on stage rocking out. Watching them perform live was thrilling and it made me want to buy their album (which I did once I got home). Wesley Watkins, who was on trumpet (and shakers) stole my attention right away. You could just tell how much he loved the music he was playing. If I can figure out how to imbed a video, you’ll see what I mean.


My second favorite performer was up next, Elle King. Fun fact, she is Rob Schneider’s daughter. Yes that guy from all the Adam Sandler movies. She’s a foul mouthed, no nonsense woman and I love her. She actually went to college in Philly and one of the songs she sang was supposedly about one of the a**holes she dated while here. She was so gritty and real and I loved her sound. I bought her album when I got home too. She also did a beautiful rendition of The Beatles Oh Darlin’.


The last performer, Andrew McMahon, actually opened last year’s Winter Jam. You may know him from Jack’s Mannequin or Something Corporate. He wasn’t bad, but it was almost the same set as last year, which made it a blah experience for me. Also, by that point I was being pushed from all sides and people were crowd surfing around me (aka getting hit on the head). BUT the cool part was Andrew also crowd surfed and I got to touch his ankle and get it all on video! 🙂


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