Shade Me by Jennifer Brown

Ok so it’s been awhile since I’ve written a review. It’s not because I haven’t been reading, it’s just that the holiday season is always so busy for me. I received this ARC from Epic Reads and a review of the book is not required, but I really enjoyed it so I thought I’d share it with everyone.

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Book Synopsis: 

Nikki Kill does not see the world like everyone else. In her eyes, happiness is pink, sadness is a mixture of brown and green, and lies are gray. Thanks to a rare phenomenon called synesthesia, Nikki’s senses overlap, in a way that both comforts and overwhelms her.

Always an outsider, just one ‘D’ shy of flunking out, Nikki’s life is on the fast track to nowhere until the night a mysterious call lights her phone up bright orange—the color of emergencies. It’s the local hospital. They need Nikki to identify a Jane Doe who is barely hanging on to life after a horrible attack.

The victim is Peyton Hollis, a popular girl from Nikki’s school who Nikki hardly knows. One thing is clear: Someone wants Peyton dead. But why? And why was Nikki’s cell the only number in Peyton’s phone?

As she tries to decipher the strange kaleidoscope of clues, Nikki finds herself thrust into the dark, glittering world of the ultra-rich Hollis family, and drawn towards Peyton’s handsome, never-do-well older brother Dru. While Nikki’s colors seem to help her unravel the puzzle, what she can’t see is that she may be falling into a trap. The only truth she can be sure of is that death is a deep, pulsing crimson.


I was really drawn into the mystery of this book. I loved all the twists and turns it took me through. While reading, you’re always second-guessing who-dun-it. Some of the mysteries I was able to figure out before being told and I really enjoy that while reading books. They aren’t blatantly obvious things, but pieces of the puzzle you’d get if you really put everything together. Another aspect of the book I enjoyed was Nikki’s synesthesia, being able to associate colors with things (words, numbers, emotions, etc.). It really brought a whole new aspect to the story. The reader is able to understand why Nikki makes the conclusions about clues and people that she does. 

The characters vary in personality and age, but they all have secrets. I really enjoyed the main character Nikki Kill. I like how strong and fearless she was. While sometimes I wished she used her head a bit more in situations, she kicked butt and took names. I also liked reading about Peyton’s backstory and her family dynamics. Detective Martinez was also an interesting character. I thought there was more to his backstory then was revealed. Maybe if there’s a second book we’ll find out if there is.

I hope everyone that reads this book enjoys it like I did. I read it in less than a week, which is odd for me, but it caught me hook, line, and sinker. 

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